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January 23 to 25, 2019

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Congruency is the habit of connecting with yourself to make sure you own your decisions and create a life of well-being that fits who you are.

Do you feel like you don’t quite belong anywhere--no matter how many places you’ve moved to? Are you tired of leaving parts of yourself out so you can fit in?

Have you checked all the success boxes -career, marriage, kids, house, cars, and two dogs; but wake up feeling that your day has no purpose?

If I asked who are you truly, would you know?

Your life is too precious to waste it living someone else's script.

You have been told who you have to be for too long. You have been put into boxes and asked to cut out parts of yourself to fit someone else’s definition of what it is to be human. You have spent so many years looking outside, that you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

But that stops now. 

It’s time for you to discover your wisdom and trust it. To fill yourself with so much love, that you create a ripple effect on the people around you. It’s time to embrace the marvelous human being that you are and take ownership of your life.

A life of joy, where your actions have a purpose and a sense of value.

A life where you wake up inspired to make confident decisions because you know what you need to do to create your well-being.

A life where you go to sleep every night in peace, knowing that you have been true to yourself.

Are you ready to make it happen? I am Tania Gerard, your Congruency Coach, and I would be honored to guide you in your journey.

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