Congruency is the habit of making sure that you are living your own life; not the one that has someone else has scripted for you.

Your life is too precious to waste it
living someone else's script.

Hi, I'm Tania Gerard, your Congruency Coach.

I can help you to own your life by making confident decisions.

When we work together, we focus on how you can create sustainable well-being in your life, in a way that it becomes joyful, inspiring, hopeful, and peaceful.

I created The Congruency System as a framework to:

     ⌾ Establish a loving, compassionate relationship with yourself    
      Connect with your feelings and needs, and define well-being on your own terms
     ⌾ Make intentional decisions that create and protect your boundaries, empower self-reflection, and translate into congruent actions
     ⌾ Define what helps you to feel confident about who you are and why you make the choices you make
     ⌾ Reflect on your transitions and life experience in a way that helps you to learn and activate your personal wisdom

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