“You are enough.” But what does this mean?

Posts on Facebook tell you that “you are enough.” Books have titles and chapters to remind you that “you are enough.” People approach you sympathetically and say “don’t worry, you are enough.” I wonder if you know what does that mean?

These words have become a made-up phrase that everybody wears on bracelets and repeats three times a day. You might even say it often. But when you repeat something without giving it your own meaning, it just stays empty. And empty words become crutches when we use them to shield ourselves from reflection.

What does “being enough” mean?

I remember being to a house to a friend's house on Christmas Eve and seeing her getting busy preparing the table, crafting a beautiful centerpiece, and setting more plates and decorations. She had been cooking for two days and she was still worried that there was not enough food for everybody.

And she kept repeating “it's not enough.”

I asked her what she meant. I saw plenty of food for everybody. The house looked festive with decorations.

You don’t need to be “enough,” there’s no measure that can contain your true worth.


I asked her if she meant that it was not enough work that she was putting on. I reminded her that she had been working on her Christmas Eve party for two days. That she was going to feed a dozen people by sharing wonderful food with them. And that she had been planning the event for weeks.

We sat down and I asked her what was not enough. She said that phrase, “I know I’m enough,” and then she started crying. She felt that, no matter how much she offered, no matter how much work she would put into this Christmas Eve feast, her family wouldn’t value her.

What does that mean to you when you say “I am enough”?

“Enough” is always a word that depends on others, we use it to fit ourselves into somebody else's measure.

You wonder if you are enough to fulfill other people's expectations.
If you are enough to craft a Pinterest-worthy table.
You repeat yourself that you are not enough.
But aren't you?

If you feel like my friend, needing to put on more decorations, make more food, or buy more presents, I invite you to stop, take a deep breath and consider that none of these things matters.

What matters is you being there, feeling absolutely joyful at that moment because you are with the people that you love. Even when situations get challenging, like in the Holidays, there's somebody there that wanted to see you and share time with you.

You are enough because you don't need to be anything or anyone.
You are enough because you are yourself.

The world doesn’t need you to do more. The world needs you to be who you are, that’s what really counts. What do you mean when you say "I am enough"?

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