There's only one way to walk the talk:

Making your Word of the Year
an Action Plan

You've given serious thought to your goals and intentions for 2019.

You have a vision that you want to create.

But the truth is that by the first week of February,

80% of people will have forgotten about their New Year's goals. 

Be one of the few who makes it happen!

Word into Action
2019 Challenge

Wednesday, January 23rd to Friday, January 25th

  • Identify the meaning and feeling of your Word of the Year
  • Create personalized journal prompts to bring your Word into Action
  • Commit to an action plan to make 2019 a year when your Word gets into Action

Make this challenge your new tradition!

Word into Action
2019 Challenge

Tania Gerard, Congruency Coach

About Tania

As a Congruency Coach, Tania Gerard helps you to connect with yourself, understand your feelings, identify your needs, set boundaries, and make confident decisions to create well-being in your life.

She created The Congruency System, a set of habits and skills that allows you to discover your unique, individual truth and take ownership of your life.

Tania believes that you don’t need to fit in to belong; that it is possible to live in joy, inspiration, hope, and peace through love and understanding.

Tania coaches moms, human rights activists, thought leaders and individuals willing to choose well-being and share it with the world.

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