What is Consciousness?

"Truth is like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold," says Todd Anderson at Dead Poets Society. Consciousness is a state of mind that intends to transcend the ego, the mirage of fabricated beliefs that filter the perception of yourself.

Consciousness is the simple, yet the challenging act of becoming aware of yourself as an entity. It means listening to your inner narrative, observing your motivations and behaviors, feeling your needs and reactions.

Being conscious means always asking yourself Why. And, even when you know your motives are not the ones you wished, you are willing to act on your decision with responsibility.

Consciousness takes the form of intentionality when you commit to fulfill your needs and focus on your well-being. There is no space for idle entertainment -once you embrace the commitment to learning your truth and be loyal to yourself, every decision is an act of love and devotion to your own life.

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