Three ways to journal that don’t feel like journaling - Tania Gerard

Three ways to journal that don’t feel like journaling

Journaling is a tool for self-reflection. A few people enjoy creating beautiful journals and find joy in writing their thoughts, but for most of us humans, journaling can be intimidating.

If the idea of sitting down to write the mysterious contents of your brain into lovely ruled pages is not appealing, here are three ways you can get the same self-reflection benefits without the ugh of traditional journaling.

Facebook memories

I know that young kids don’t use Facebook. But for us Gen-Xers and Millenials that still do, reflecting on your memories as they pop up is a wonderful way to journal. The principle is simple: by remembering what was meaningful a year ago, you get to ask yourself how you have evolved from there. Try these two questions when scrolling down your Memory Lane:

  • Why was it important for me to share this a year (or two or eight) ago?
  • How has that event impacted who I am today?

Bonus points: Post your reflections as you re-share your Memory.

Coffee date with your favorite friend

Besides catching up with the latest news, sharing quality time with your friends can turn into a powerful moment of self-reflection. One of the most beautiful parts of having a long term friendship is that we serve each other as witnesses of our life journey. Set up a frequent meet up with your favorite people and play Q&A. You can use the Congruency Journal Prompts as a guide to explore together.

Bonus points: If your friend lives somewhere across the globe, find a good time to meet every month. Use the phone or a video conference service. Friendships need consistency and shared experiences -and they are totally worth it!

Join a Journaling Party

Like many things in life, it’s easier to dip your toe into a new practice when you are in good company. At The Congruency Café on Facebook, we meet online once a month and go through questions that help us to connect with ourselves and learn more about who we are. Check the Events tab to find out when we'll meet this month.

Bonus points: Bring a friend to the Journaling Party and make it an activity you can continue together. At the pool. With cocktails. You're welcome.

Focus on the purpose, not the tool

We journal to discover who we are, to give ourselves the gift of quality time, the opportunity to get our bearings.

But journaling is only one way to do this, it’s one tool, not the goal itself. The goal is to quiet the distractions that are not letting you connect with yourself and live joyfully from your truth -and there are many ways to achieve that. After all, learning how you prefer to spend time with yourself is part of the journey.

How do you connect with yourself?

Fall in love with yourself

The better you know yourself, the more confidence you feel about your decisions.

Imagine spending quality time with yourself, focused on imagining a life of joy, inspiration, hope, and peace.
Journaling is a simple way to connect with yourself and develop the habit of self-reflection.
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