Tired of second guessing your choices?

Learn the secret to trusting your decisions and save hours of ruminating with this FREE video by Tania Gerard, your Congruency Coach.

How can you make sure you are making the best possible choice?

Stop second guessing yourself

No more nights wondering if you chose right!

This is Your first step to learning the habit of
trusting yourself

Learn a simple strategy to make sure you are making the best possible decision and stop worrying about could've beens.

Stop guessing yourself
Stop second guessing yourself

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Video Training

7 minutes to a new way of making decisions, free
from second guessing yourself.


One to practice your 
new habit and another one to record your awesome choices.


A cute, little surprise to keep your decision-making strategy close to you.

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Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Tania Gerard, Congruency Coach

About Tania

Sometimes, your life gets you where guidelines are not clear and choices are so innovative that there might not be models to follow.


Tania Gerard created The Congruency System to help you build the inner structure that will help you live your life on your own terms.


Tania guides you through the exploration of your core values, enables you to tell the story of your experience in an empowering way, and coaches you as you align who you are. what you do and why you do it.

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