Social entrepreneurship: meaningful, purpose-driven work that strengthens your connection with the world around you

We exist in connection with the world around us, both the environment and the people. There seems to be an irreconcilable dichotomy between giving until exhaustion or gaining for self-interest in the traditional business model.

Social entrepreneurship rises as an alternative: the happy marriage of purpose-driven work that creates well-being for the world while providing social business owners with financial sustainability.

“A social entrepreneur,” says Danielle Sutton, founder of The Sedge, “is really in it for a different reason than money.” Dannielle has been helping social entrepreneurs during five years by providing them with strategy with the mindset and the community resources that they need to create thriving social businesses. “It doesn't mean that we're excluding the financial sustainability and the health of a business from the equation. But really, that's secondary to the primary goal, which is around moving something forward, creating an impact.” She shares that behind any social business there’s a need of transitioning “from the status quo that is not working for our world, for our people, or for our communities.” 

We can only create well-being when we are in connection with ourselves and the world around us.

By choosing to improve the world around them, social business owners provide themselves with well-being in the form of impact, transcendence, and income. “Every business has an impact, but it's not necessarily a positive one. 

When we're talking about social entrepreneurship, it really is using the economic tools available to us and the structures of launching a project or a business in order to achieve those goals. And it's really about the people on the planet first,” explains Danielle.

To those considering exploring opportunities in social entrepreneurship, Danielle Sutton offers three suggestions:

  • Don't feel like you need to discount your career so far, because that is valuable. Your skills, knowledge and lived experience are ways to serve the planet and people.
  • Locate where you do feel passion, what issue means the most for you.
  • Learn what are the needs regarding this issue and find creative, innovative ways to provide a solution with your career assets.

Danielle adds: “If you can find that you'll be in great alignment, you'll be in connection with your soul, with your community, with the people you want to work with. And that's where it can be very powerful.”

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