Life coaching explained by a project manager

One of the side effects of having worked as a project manager for many years is that I organize life as projects and portfolios. Once people master the basic processes to ensure survival, they have the opportunity to start improving their life. Each one of these efforts to make life better becomes a project.

By definition, a project is a temporary endeavor in pursuit of a specific outcome. There is a timeframe for its development, and the project’s owner must allocate resources for its fulfillment.

Every time you decide that something in your life can be enhanced, you encounter the possibility to launch a project.

Your commitment to seeing the project through and the accuracy of its design will improve your chances to achieve the outcomes you expect. 

In order to fulfill your project’s goals, you will need to create each of the building blocks that will build your new reality. You will need to work out challenges and be resourceful enough to produce value in every step of your journey.

But you don't need to do it all by yourself. There are people that will accompany you through the process. While your family and friends will offer love and support, you can think of your life coach as your personal project manager.

A coach will help you design your self-improvement project. Project design is everything: it is the time to carefully craft the expected outcomes, to consciously analyze the impact of your changes, to imagine how your context will react, and to honestly assess your resources.

After designing and managing hundreds of projects, I am confident that this is the most important step; to the point of determining its success. As you may know, it starts with figuring out what is the real project, distinguishing between the building blocks, the deliverables and the final goal.

You want to take your time here. Design your life improvement project with the love and precision it deserves.

A coach will help you conquer the challenges you meet. When you have carefully designed your project, you know where you want to go and the checkpoints you’ll meet, but you are never certain how the terrain will be.

A coach will help you conquer the challenges you meet. Even when you have carefully designed your project and you know where you want to go, you are never certain how the terrain will be.

As you move forward, your life coach will help you keep a solution perspective. This point of view helps you tap into your resources, find efficient, even enjoyable ways to work through difficulties.

When the road seems long and motivation scarce, your coach will keep you accountable. You are willing to commit to create a better life, you know the outcome is worth it. But there will be moments where you lose sight of why you are making such a big effort.

Your coach will be on the other side of the phone, helping you remember the reasons and the story, helping you figuring out how to work out something unexpected. She will celebrate your victories with you, remind you of your starting point so you can see your progress and acknowledge it.

 When you are you ready to create congruency in your life, one on one coaching is one of the ways you can organize your journey. If you feel personalized guidance will help you achieve better results, schedule your complimentary Congruency Assessment Call and let's talk about what you have in mind. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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