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Schedule 30 minutes to:

* Assess the alignment of your life
* Discover how I can support you
* Jumpstart your Journey to joy, well-being, and congruency

Schedule 30 minutes to:
*  Assess the alignment of your life
*  Discover how I can support
*  Jumpstart your Journey to
 joy, well-being, and congruency

This is so exciting!

After scheduling the time that works better for you, please answer the questionnaire as honestly and thoroughly​​​​​ as you can. What you tell me will help me serve you better. All your answers are confidential.

You will receive a confirmation email for your appointment with the Zoom meeting information for our call. Set the quietest, most peaceful 30 minutes to focus on yourself.

Looking forward to chatting with you,

Tania Gerard

Enrique G.

I feel my coaching sessions with Tania have been a guided exploration of my strengths and opportunities that have helped me to overcome the obstacles I had created for myself.

Anna C.

I discovered my own strength and how to prioritize my activities and make them purposeful. Now I enjoy hobbies and feel more relaxed.

Courtney H.

Tania is a heart-centered, kind, and innovative coach. Tania has a special ability to ask questions that provoke and promote reflection and critical thinking. She is gifted in helping clients discover new tools for making their lives more efficient and in deep alignment-- aka congruency. I worked with Tania as I committed to leaving my part-time job and committing to full-time coaching. Through this work, I adopted a new, powerful mindset and build a substantial toolbox that is helping me feel strong and grounded through the transition. Thank you Tania!

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