Conversations on Congruency, Season 1

Conversations on Congruency began as an attempt to put The Congruency System into words. I knew what Congruency was and what it was not. I had reflected on my own story and researched other people's experience to figured out what had helped us take the leap and opt for the change we were craving.

And now I was ready to start writing about it, so I could share it with anyone that would need some hope or even a little nudge to stop being afraid and just take their first step outside the lines.

After a night of meaningful, in-depth conversation with dear friends, one of them suggested I just talked about Congruency and recorded it. The idea was to transcript the videos and create written pieces from them.

But then people started to watch. And the two or three friends who liked the videos on Facebook at the beginning showed them to a couple of their friends. And slowly but steadily, more people find Conversations on Congruency as an accessible introduction to The Congruency System.

In other words, this show is FOR YOU. I record every episode having you in my mind. Please, make this show yours by:

--> Commenting on Facebook or YouTube (wherever you are watching it)

--> Ask questions, offer feedback, or suggest topics using this form.

Here's the complete Season 1 (fall 2017) for you to binge watch (yay!).

May The Force be with you, fellow Congruencer.

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