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Your Well-being as an Act of Congruency

When you focus on understanding your needs and fulfilling them consciously, you create value for yourself and the people who surround you.Mainstream media dedicates thousands of words to wellness and self-care, but it misses to mention that well-being is broader, more comprehensive than physical health and quality “me” time.Well-being is about learning who you are, […]

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Change and Transition

Change happens to you. Life offers many situations beyond your control to reassess your beliefs and values. Transition happens within you as you organize the experience in a narrative that enables you to learn from it and become a wiser version of yourself.There is not a specific order. Sometimes, your ideas, beliefs, and values shift […]

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What is Consciousness?

“Truth is like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold,” says Todd Anderson at Dead Poets Society. Consciousness is a state of mind that intends to transcend the ego, the mirage of fabricated beliefs that filter the perception of yourself.Consciousness is the simple, yet the challenging act of becoming aware of yourself as an […]

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