The one about how Laura activated her consciousness to keep the job she loved

An advocate for women’s rights

Laura is the director of a feminist organization, which educates and empowers women to make decisions about their reproductive life, how they deliver their babies, and how they experience motherhood.

Ever since she can remember, Laura has advocated for women to make decisions about their lives and their bodies.

She has made a career providing women with accurate, scientific information so they can learn about their options.

At the same time, she offers them the trust and love for them to channel their wisdom. She encourages them to make choices that make sense to their particular situations.

What Laura enjoys more in her work is how much she learns from these women and their unique way to understand life.

When she received the invitation to work for this organization, she felt this was her dream job.

She loved everything about it. Above all, she was excited to supervise the team of experienced midwives and health educators who worked directly with these empowered women.

She envisioned herself as a facilitator for their magic, and she couldn’t wait to learn everything about their fantastic work.

Be careful what you wish for

When we first talked, Laura was exhausted and on the verge of burnout. She was considering leaving the job she loved. She felt unbearable stress.

She spent so much time trying to communicate with her team, that she didn’t have enough time to tend to her other responsibilities. She felt like she was always behind in her research work and there was seldom a weekend she wouldn’t spend at her office.

She felt she lacked the skills to manage her team and was doubtful that this had been a good career move in first place.

Neverending operation problems and hand-holding discussions were crushing her vision of becoming a director and focusing on strategic work.

We talked about the reasons why this was happening.

The first problem she noticed was that the communication with her team was not effective. Meetings were long and pointless. Even after everybody seemed to agree on the action steps and commitments, they did not deliver these promises.

Laura felt that nothing got done if she didn't do it herself. She felt frustrated because her team didn’t seem to acknowledge the importance of the organization’s mission.

When what your beliefs are not aligned with your actions, you might encounter the same problem in different areas of your life over and over again.

They often got caught in endless discussions, nobody appeared to be accountable for their decisions, and Laura ended up, in her own words, "micromanaging grown women as if they {were} rebellious teenagers."

To her distress, the communication problems with her team were starting to affect their clients. She knew that the solution to this situation was to nurture a coordinated team effort, but she was clueless on how to achieve it.

Walk the talk

After our Congruency Assessment Call, Laura noticed that there was a disconnection between her beliefs and the criteria she applied to communicate with her team.

In Laura’s mind, women are capable of making decisions based on their experience, wisdom and personal knowledge. But in practice, she didn’t trust her team's decisions.

This mindset led her to communicate with her team in a way that imposed her views and disregarded her team’s experience and individual way of solving problems.

To Laura, her job was the most important part of her life at that moment. She was surprised to find out that her performance and her core values were misaligned.

Activate, craft, create, align

Laura chose to begin an Individual Congruency Coaching Program. She felt that she needed space and privacy to revisit her core values and their meaning in everyday life, especially when applied to her work.

We worked together through the course of 6 months to implement The Congruence System in her life.

Laura set two goals:

  • To align her core values and her team-managing style, and
  • To communicate with her team in a way that respected their uniqueness, and empowered them to act from their experience and personal wisdom.

In other words, Laura wanted to treat her team just as she was treating her clients.

Our six months of work were enough to:

  • Activate Laura’s Consciousness. She is aware of how she communicates with her team and intentional with her messages and language.
  • Craft well-being for herself and her team. Laura defined what well-being means to her and to her team. She includes these well-being elements as goals for all her management decisions.
  • Create an ecology for effective communication. Laura worked with her team to identify what they needed to address to ensure their communication process fulfilled their needs.
    They coordinate to make sure their environment nurtures an active communication style, and agree on the strategies that help them work out emotional issues in an intelligent way.
  • Align Laura’s feminist principles to her team management style. She leads from respect and empowerment. She sees her team as women capable of making decisions about their lives and trusting their wisdom, just as she would do with any of her clients.

Work in progress

As Laura implemented The Congruency System in her work, her learnings and new habits extended throughout other the areas of her life.

She feels calmer, aligned, and trusts her team. She is currently exploring Nonviolent Communication, and we are working on aligning her personal relationships with her core values.

Laura fell back in love with her job with the added value of finding new support in her team. She even feels that they are developing strong friendships.

Laura’s story is an example of how The Congruence System can help you to align your convictions and your actions - from and with all the areas of your life.

When what your beliefs are not aligned with your actions, you might encounter the same problem in different areas of your life over and over again. If this is happening to you, a Congruency Assessment Call can help you to find a fresh perspective on the situation.

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