To care is to love.

The secret to being fully present with your kids 

is being fully present for yourself.

Caring From Love is a self-care workshop for moms

who want to connect with themselves, 

understand their needs to stay calm and joyful,

and see the amazing human being they have become

in their journey through motherhood.

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   Discover the elements of self-care

   Learn an easy practice to connect with yourself every day


Explore a thought process that helps you to prioritize and make time for those who matter the most

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This will only happen once this year, don't miss it!

When: Tuesday, September 4, 2018, at 10:00 a.m.

Where: Momplex (1644 S Lindsey Rd, Gilbert, AZ, open in Google maps)

The best part: Childcare will be available! (Fees apply)

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Your life has gone through HUGE changes during the last few years.

Think pregnancies. Think adoption.

Think sleep deprivation.

Think forgetting to eat or shower because you had to take care of one (or two, or three!) babies.

Think explaining to your toddler whay it is not a good idea to "paint" the floor with tomato sauce.

Think how you high-five your spouse to switch from work to caregiving and back to work again.

Who are you today?

You know you are not the same person that started this journey.

You know you are SO MUCH MORE than this tired parent.

When you make yourself a priority, your mood improves, your head gets clearer, and you feel ready to make decisions about the future.

Caring From Love 
is a 5-week self-care workshop for moms who want to:

Module 1: 
Discover the elements of self-care
Learn an easy practice to connect with yourself every day
Explore a thought process that helps you to prioritize and make time for those who matter the most
September 4, 2018

Module 2:

Connect with your needs to understand your feelings

Choose the emotions that will help you to feel at your best and be present for your kids

Learn a practice to talk to yourself with love and compassion and create well-being for you and your loved ones

September 11, 2018

Module 3:

  Learn to prioritize

  Explore techniques to say "no" and stop second guessing your decisions

September 18, 2018

Module 4:

  See how much and in what ways you've changed since you became a mom

 Understand you current needs, priorities, and dreams

September 25, 2018

Module 5:

Desing your sustainable self-care plan

 Decide your strategies to make yourself a priority

 Choose how you will share your wisdom with your loved ones

October 2, 2018

*** Limited seats. Childcare available, $10.50 per child per session.

Full 5-week workshop is $67, and $47 for Momplex members

Attend Module 1 on September 4th and get the chance to 

secure your spot and get a sweet BONUS!

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.  E.H.

About Tania Gerard

As a Congruency Coach, Tania helps her clients to make confident decisions by learning to focus on their well-being.

She created The Congruency System as the framework to activate self-consciousness, become intentional, connect with your needs, and make decisions that open possibilities for joy and well-being.

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