Caring for yourself makes you a better person

I meet a lot of people. As I go through Facebook groups, coffee meetups, and lunches, I notice they all have a strong intention to improve their lives. Some want to be healthier. Others wish they could enjoy more time with their kids. Many would like to reconnect with their spouses.

As I listen to them, I also notice that most of their plans involve reaching out for something: either the gym, a date night, or some outdoor family activity. I meet them several weeks later, and the conversation goes pretty much the same. They want. They can. But they haven’t done it yet.

They have the goal, the plan, and the resources. What is stopping them?

Our current lives are focused on the outside. We look for solutions in places, products, and other people. All these resources are useful, but they will not help us stay motivated and move forward to create this desired well-being.

The fuel for improvement is clarity. Clarity is achieved by getting to know yourself.

The fuel for improvement is clarity. And clarity is achieved by getting to know yourself. When you understand what you need and why it is important to you, you can focus your energy on crafting a solution.

When your need is solved, you are ready to create value for other people. And hey, isn’t this what being a better person is all about?

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Fall in love with yourself

The better you know yourself, the more confidence you feel about your decisions.

Imagine spending quality time with yourself, focused on imagining a life of joy, inspiration, hope, and peace.
Journaling is a simple way to connect with yourself and develop the habit of self-reflection.
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