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Your body can help you to be courageous
Imagine this - You're facing a tough situation at work which involves speaking up to your boss.  You worry and[...]
Four ways to silence other people’s judgments in your head
As we grow up within a group, the ideas, beliefs, and values that we learn become the criteria for our[...]
Guilt, needs, and judgment from your loved ones
As social entities, we exist as part of a group. This group welcomes us into the world and teaches us[...]
Are you letting other people’s judgment stop you from being honest with yourself?
From hunger and sleep to compassion and growth, you are your wisest advisor. You know what you need better than[...]
Conversations on Congruency, Season 1
Conversations on Congruency began as an attempt to put The Congruency System into words. I knew what Congruency was and[...]
The Ecology of Congruency
You can thrive anywhere. You are a resilient human being, honest with yourself, and clear on your purpose. But it[...]

The Congruency System empowers you through your transitions
and helps you to create joy, inspiration, hope, and peace in your life. 

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