Do you know what is the best way to be a great parent?

(Hint: it has to do with making your well-being your priority)

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Your life has gone through HUGE changes during the last few years.

Think pregnancies. Think adoption.

Think sleep deprivation.

Think forgetting to eat or shower because you had to take care of one (or two, or three!) babies.

Think explaining to your toddler whay it is not a good idea to "paint" the floor with tomato sauce.

Think how you high-five your spouse to switch from work to caregiving and back to work again.

Who are you today?

You know you are not the same person that started this journey.

You know you are SO MUCH MORE than this tired parent.

Would you like to take a break and discover this superpowerful, awesome person that you have become (who happens to also be the best parent)?

Big Kid, Big Parent is your FREE 4-week workshop to:

Learn why connecting with your needs is crucial to be a loving, conscious parent

Learn how to connect with your needs and take care of yourself with the same dedication that you take care

of your family

Design your well-being plan and your strategy to keep it up

The workshop will start on the second week of January, with a choice of morning or evening sessions.

Limited seats. Sign up today to reserve yours

You will walk away from this workshop

feeling inspired by all the love within you

to live a joyful life, as a person and as a parent.

Register for the FREE Workshop
"Big Kid, Big Parent"

January 2018

*Limited seats, save your spot now

About Tania

Sometimes, your life gets you to a place where guidelines are not clear and choices are so innovative that there might not be models to follow.


Tania Gerard created The Congruency System to empower individuals in their transition processes so they can understand their experiences, integrate them into their life story, and create a joyful, peaceful life on their own terms.


Tania coaches you through the exploration of your core values, beliefs, and ideas as you align who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

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