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Life coaching explained by a project manager

One of the side effects of having worked as a project manager for many years is that I organize life as projects and portfolios. Once people master the basic processes to ensure survival, they have the opportunity to start improving their life. Each one of these efforts to make life better becomes a project. By definition, a […]

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Start reducing your stress with priority scheduling

Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of following a schedule. They also feel uncomfortable with the frustration of not being able to achieve the goals they wanted for that day, week, or month. What is more uncomfortable to you, trying something new or feeling unsatisfied most the time? When my clients want to find a new […]

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Judging is making you tired

We walk through life with a set of beliefs and ideas in our mind. We observe people and their behaviors and assess them. Are they behaving according to the rules? Are they doing what is expected of them? Are they who they are supposed to be?We draw conclusions. We decide who matches our assessment criteria […]

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