Agency, the courageous act of owning your life

Are you curious about how you can help your teenager to make responsible choices? Do you want an empowered team that helps your business to grow and thrive? Are you tired to clean other people’s “messes”?

All these questions have the same answer: Agency. We can describe agency as the conviction that we are capable of creating the circumstances where we can thrive.

Agency, the courageous act of owning your life

Courtney Harris and I recently explored some of the scenarios where you can find agency and model it for your children and team members. “When we do recognize that we have the ability to make changes in our lives and in the world, we can step into courageous decisions,” says Courtney.

The best part is that, as we find our agency, we get to be responsible for our choices, enjoy their outcomes, and learn from our mistakes. Even more, we empower our loved ones to play an active role in creating their lives.

As a life coach who helps teens and their parents to find peace and ease in their families, Courtney shares how we can help our children to make responsible decisions:

1. Model agency. When you, as a parent, show your children how you are taking care of yourself, they learn to make choices that keep them healthy.

 As we find our agency, we become responsible for our choices, enjoy their outcomes, and learn from our mistakes.

2. Make sure everybody has a voice. Have conversations and systems that give every person in your family a voice.

When we are part of the decision, we can be fully responsible for it.

3. Create agreements. Screen time? Homework? House chores? Ask for 

your child’s input on what is the best way they can get involved.

But the conversation took interesting turns. Curious as we are, Courtney and I explored the practice of agency in work teams, gender roles, and self-care.

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