Are You Ready to (Actually) Enjoy the Holidays This Year?

You don't need to like the Holiday Season. You get to choose if you want to participate in the madness and celebration. And if you do participate, you can focus on what makes sense to you and create -real, actual, authentic- Joy. Want to get some ideas on How to Make Sense Out of Senseless Holidays?

Activate Your Consciousness

Consciousness is the threshold to Congruency.

Consciousness helps you to engage in purposeful action, by establishing a conversation with yourself.

You acquire Consciousness in two stages. The first one is Awareness.

As you activate your Awareness, you start noticing:

  • How you occupy your space in life
  • What information surrounds you
  • How you process this information, and
  • How it is relevant to you

You can learn more about Awareness
here. Explore these exercises to activate your Awareness as you begin your Journey through The Congruency System.

The Joy Hunt

Click on the image to start hunting for Joy

The Joy Hunt, a consciousness activation exercise by Tania Gerard

Color Your Way to Consciousness

Click on the image to access a new way to color

Coloring your way to consciousness, a consciousness activation workbook by Tania Gerard