Five steps to create a space that honors your true self - Tania Gerard

Five steps to create a space that honors your true self

Once we set in the journey to embrace who we are, we need to create the ecology that honors this process. In her TED talk, Putting Visual Mantra to Work for You, Mandy Straight leaves this clear: what you see every day has an impact on your life.

I had the joy to interview Mandy for a new episode of my show, Conversations on Congruency. We focused on one simple question: how does the space that surrounds us empower our true self?

As a metaphor of our self-discovery processes, our home reveals the habits that keep us stuck. It also reflects how long are we willing to take to understand what works and what we need to let go. When we purge, pause, and plan we bring possibilities into reality -whether it’s in our lives, our bodies or our spaces.

Purge. Pause. Plan.

If you are tired of looking at that beige wall and want to start creating a place that truly feels yours, here are the five steps that Mandy shared with us:

Before starting: don’t buy anything. Bringing more elements to a room (or a life, if we go for the metaphor) doesn’t necessarily change it, it only makes it harder to observe.

Make some space for yourself.

-Mandy Straight

Step 1: Notice. Observing yourself interacting with your space will help you to notice objects that are in your blind spot.

Step 2: Start pulling together what feels amazing. We didn’t say “right” or “good” -if it doesn’t make your heart sing with delight, it has no place in your life. Mandy recommends diving into Pinterest and collecting feelings, colors, textures, images, and concepts.

Step 3: Purge. “Make space before you create space,” says Mandy. Give, donate, sell. Experience the emptiness as a possibility.

Step 4: Give yourself time to sit in that empty space and decide what you want to do with it. There is no rush. Consider what you want to bring into your life and create an environment for it. Think of how you want to occupy space and practice it with your posture, taking small steps at a time.

Step 5: Plan. Be intentional with your space, the objects that will live there, and the way that you will feel among them.

Watch the full episode of Conversations on Congruency:
How does the space that surrounds us empower our true self?

Mandy Straight is an ontological explorer and designer of all interiors, life, home, and reality. Her TED talk on visual mantra is just the beginning of her exploration into how we remember who we are and what we love about it. She's a lover of brain food, glimpses of infinity a journeyer of curiosity.

Her new program, “Naked Self” is an invitation to tap into yourself and your own power. Check it out!

Connect with her at hello [at] mandystraight [dot] com and learn more about her colorful world at

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