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The Ecology of Congruency

You can thrive anywhere. You are a resilient human being, honest with yourself, and clear on your purpose. But it doesn’t need to be this hard. There are many steps you can take to breathe with ease as you create your path outside the known roads.I use the word Ecology to describe the space, language, […]

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How to make sense out of senseless holidays so that you genuinely enjoy December

by Tania GerardHolidays are the epitome of anachronisms. Especially those strategically scheduled at the end of the calendar year. It feels like nothing else is important to other people. That you are expected to joyfully be part of celebrations that have no content for you, that even clash with your ideologies; that trigger your stress levels […]

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Honesty and The Congruency System

There is only one thing between you and your Well-being. As you let other people’s beliefs and expectations make your decisions, you forget who you are; you stop connecting with your needs.Years of trying to follow someone else’s script have taken you to a place of confusion, dissatisfaction. It’s not that all these years don’t […]

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Your Well-being as an Act of Congruency

When you focus on understanding your needs and fulfilling them consciously, you create value for yourself and the people who surround you.Mainstream media dedicates thousands of words to wellness and self-care, but it misses to mention that well-being is broader, more comprehensive than physical health and quality “me” time.Well-being is about learning who you are, […]

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