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Five steps to create a space that honors your true self
We exist in connection with the world around us, both the environment and the people. There seems to be an[...]
Three kind ways to talk to yourself when you make a mistake
Posts on Facebook tell you that “you are enough.” Books have titles and chapters to remind you that “you are[...]
To moms who want to take care of themselves but don’t know how to get started
"I want to exercise and eat healthier, but I do it for like a week and then give up." "I[...]
“You are enough.” But what does this mean?
Posts on Facebook tell you that “you are enough.” Books have titles and chapters to remind you that “you are[...]
Social entrepreneurship: meaningful, purpose-driven work that strengthens your connection with the world around you
We exist in connection with the world around us, both the environment and the people. There seems to be an[...]
Agency, the courageous act of owning your life
Are you curious about how you can help your teenager to make responsible choices? Do you want an empowered team[...]
Your body can help you to be courageous
Imagine this - You're facing a tough situation at work which involves speaking up to your boss.  You worry and[...]
Four ways to silence other people’s judgments in your head
As we grow up within a group, the ideas, beliefs, and values that we learn become the criteria for our[...]
Guilt, needs, and judgment from your loved ones
As social entities, we exist as part of a group. This group welcomes us into the world and teaches us[...]
Are you letting other people’s judgment stop you from being honest with yourself?
From hunger and sleep to compassion and growth, you are your wisest advisor. You know what you need better than[...]
Conversations on Congruency, Season 1
Conversations on Congruency began as an attempt to put The Congruency System into words. I knew what Congruency was and[...]
The Ecology of Congruency
You can thrive anywhere. You are a resilient human being, honest with yourself, and clear on your purpose. But it[...]
How to make sense out of senseless holidays so that you genuinely enjoy December
by Tania GerardHolidays are the epitome of anachronisms. Especially those strategically scheduled at the end of the calendar year. It feels[...]
Honesty and The Congruency System
There is only one thing between you and your Well-being. As you let other people's beliefs and expectations make your[...]
Your Well-being as an Act of Congruency
When you focus on understanding your needs and fulfilling them consciously, you create value for yourself and the people who[...]
Change and Transition
Change happens to you. Life offers many situations beyond your control to reassess your beliefs and values. Transition happens within[...]
What is Consciousness?
"Truth is like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold," says Todd Anderson at Dead Poets Society. Consciousness is[...]
What is Congruency?
Living in Congruency feels like wearing a life that fits you just fine. When you are brave enough to dive[...]
The one about how Laura activated her consciousness to keep the job she loved
An advocate for women’s rightsLaura is the director of a feminist organization, which educates and empowers women to make decisions[...]
Eight steps to preparing your Journey to Congruency
You know how it's like: you wake up every morning feeling that this is not your real life, that you[...]
What is consciousness about?
You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to[...]
Who do you need to become?
It is a widespread assumption that people transform after a major event in their lives. Let's say somebody is preparing[...]
Procrastinating? This exercise might help you
Unless you are a happy procrastinator, chances are you can use some help activating your proactiveness. Since procrastination can be[...]
Life coaching explained by a project manager
One of the side effects of having worked as a project manager for many years is that I organize life[...]
Start reducing your stress with priority scheduling
Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of following a schedule. They also feel uncomfortable with the frustration of not[...]
Judging is making you tired
We walk through life with a set of beliefs and ideas in our mind. We observe people and their behaviors[...]
Caring for yourself makes you a better person
​I meet a lot of people. As I go through Facebook groups, coffee meetups, and lunches, I notice they all[...]