The key to Congruency is choosing: what feels yours, what is in algnment with your beliefs and values, what makes sense to you.
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Your life is too precious to waste it
living someone else's script.

People talk about many different things as if they were important to everybody. 

They use words like success and failure; normality, should and duty.

Every time you worry about these things,
every night you try to give meaning to these empty words,
you squander time and energy that could help you create a life that makes sense and feels YOUR OWN.

Tune into your wisdom, trust it.

Leave, stay, do what you need to dive into the life that is yours;
even if you don't have a model to follow.

The life you want is a real possibility. There's nothing wrong with you.

Choose YOU: join the many travelers on the Journey to Congruency.

You are the only one inside your skin.

You get to choose how you want to feel.

No matter what they tell you:

decide how you want to live your days, become who you want to be.

You will arrive at the perfect place because it is YOU who creates it


Sarai Acosta

I learned that good communication is key to set goals and achieve them. I am assertive and direct in my communication now.

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